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  • Bluebell

    <div class="gmail_default" The Bluebell earrings are intricately crafted with love and dipped in Turkish polish, a unique blend of class and style. This article is a design. Kindly note that s takes around 2-3 weeks.</div <div class="gmail_quote" <div class="gmail_quote" <div <div class="gmail_quote" <div dir="auto" Size:</div <div dir="auto" Length: 3 inches</div <div dir="auto" Width: 2 inches <div class="gmail_quote" <div class="gmail_quote" <div <div class="gmail_quote" <div dir="auto" </div </div </div </div </div </div </div </div </div </div
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  • Emerald hoops


    The cluster of flowers are beaded together to curate these gorgeous hoops.

    Height: 2.2 inches
    Width: 1.75 inches

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  • Leaf Earrings

    <div class="gmail_default" A leaf inspired Rhodium plated tops, made up of white zirconia stems shaped like leaves. A statement piece showing luxury and class.</div <div class="gmail_quote" <div class="gmail_quote" <div dir="auto" </div <div dir="auto" Size:</div <div dir="auto" Height: 2.5 inches</div <div dir="auto" Width: 0.9 inch</div <div dir="auto" This article is available on order basis in gold plated polish, silver polish and Turkish polish. s takes around 12-14 working days.</div </div </div
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  • Pansy


    The square based tops is fixed in a cage like structure that adorns the stone of the tops. Rhodium plated with semiprecious stones.


    Height: 1.2 inches

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  • Pearl Earrings

    <div class="gmail_default" Be glamorous be you!</div <div class="gmail_quote" <div class="gmail_quote" <div dir="auto" A statement classy pair of earrings with faux pearls in Rhodium plated with gold plated polish. </div </div </div
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  • Snowdrop Earrings

    <div </div <div <div class="gmail_default" A touch of class and style!</div <div class="gmail_quote" <div class="gmail_quote" <div dir="auto" Sapphire diamond style earrings to accentuate your look. A product of fine craftsmanship in Rhodium plated jewelry</div <div dir="auto" Size:</div </div </div <div Height: 2 inches</div </div <div </div <div dir="auto" </div
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  • Tulip

     2,500 7,500
    <div class="gmail_default" As the name suggested the gorgeous tulip pendant set is an epitome of beauty class and style.</div <div class="gmail_quote" <div class="gmail_quote" <div class="gmail_quote" <div dir="auto" This is a design can be made in any color and pendant is optional depending upon our clients’ preference.</div </div </div </div
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  • Zenia


    <div dir="auto" The gorgeous tops composed of an oval center comprised of zirconia and leaf-like petals.</div <div dir="auto" </div
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